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The Underpants Question: Everybody Asks

Believe it or not, the question I’m most frequently asked by my clients, whether or not it is their first massage experience, is what they should wear for their session. My most simple answer is, “Whatever you want.”

humorous photo of undies
Massage has strict therapeutic boundaries to protect your privacy. If you’ve come in for some traditional massage therapy, you’ll be underneath the linens, warm and cozy, for the duration of your treatment. I only expose the part of you I’m working on in the moment, and I replace the sheets over that limb before moving along to the next one. You’re welcome to wear as little or as much clothing as you choose underneath the linens.

 Of course, folks often press me as to whether it REALLY matters if they choose to leave something on or not. Honestly, it matters much more to you: the results of your massage are determined in great part by how well you’re able to relax on the table. Some of us can’t relax without an “insurance policy” on underneath the linens. Others can’t relax if they’re wearing a garment that prevents access to the low back, hips, or wherever their trouble spots are. I just recommend that they forgo any garments or choose one which is tailored in such a way that we can still work on those trouble spots.

     Some of the work that I do, like craniosacral and polarity therapy, are modalities that are intended to be practiced with the client fully clothed. In those cases, wearing the same kind of loose and comfy clothes that you’d wear to a yoga class is your best bet. Other folks who are seeing me for some stretching and sports work will do better wearing a tank top and shorts, like you’d wear to see a physical therapist. I generally ask a lot of questions when you call me to schedule a session, so if you fall into one of these categories, I’ll let you know when we’re booking your appointment.
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