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Do You go to College for Massage Therapy?

The quick answer is no, but there is significant study required to become a massage therapist. You have to… Read More…

LD 1036 & Deregulating Massage Therapy

Maine LD1036, if passed, would lead to the deregulation of several diverse professions, including massage therapy. I have testified against it at the public hearing on April 20, 2017. Read More…

How Does Myofascial Release Work?

Science confirms it: you don't have to push harder to get better massage results. This is because thixotrophy and myofascial release don't quite work the way we assumed it did. Read More…

Was That a Deep Tissue Massage?

Most people assume that a firm massage is deep tissue, when that can actually be fairly far from the truth…. Read More…

Tech Neck: Posture, Pain and Massage

Spend much time on your smartphone, tablet or laptop? What is it doing to your posture, and how does it contribute to neck pain? Read More…