Emily Bilodeau, LMT (207) 779-6671

Serenity Holistic Massage

New Clients

First of all, welcome! Thank you for scheduling a massage with me. Here I've collected the tools most of my first-time clients need to improve their massage experience.

I have some paperwork that I ask all new clients to fill out because I want to ensure that any work we do is safe and appropriate. If you would like to print these forms and fill them in before your appointment, you can find copies here. Otherwise, we'll take a few minutes to do them at the beginning of your appointment.

Whether it's your first massage, or just your first time at Serenity Holistic Massage, it's normal to have a few questions. I've compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions here.

I am located at 131 Court St., just a short walk from the downtown. I've posted a map to help you navigate your way here.

Typically, it takes 5-10 minute to walk here from the public parking downtown. If you prefer to drive, you may park on the street across the road from my office.

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Once you arrive, follow the stone path from my sign down to the marked office door. Come on in and have a seat in the hall! I'll bring you into the treatment space when it is time for your appointment.

Please remember that a massage is always what you make of it. If we need to make any changes to technique or pressure, please let me know. A massage is always over before you know it, and we wouldn't want to waste a moment pursuing work that is uncomfortable or unproductive for you.