I studied massage and polarity at SpaTech Institute, one of Maine’s oldest massage therapy programs. In 2006 I left public education to practice massage therapy full time. In 2008, I relocated Serenity Holistic Massage from rural central Maine to downtown Farmington, where I feel like I am home again!

I am a member of the university of Maine at Farmington Class of 2000. My experience teching high-school English built skills I use in my office daily, empowering clients with an understanding of their body works and how we dan collaborate to improve its health and performance.

I founded Serenity Holistic Massage on the principle that the emotional serenity you experience during massage and bodywork lays the strongest foundation for your physical wellness. I do my best work with clients who are making long-term commitments to their selves and their wellness. Although a single massage can certainly diminish stress or other physical symptoms, bodywork succeeds best in its cumulative benefit, coupled with the other choices you make to support yourself.

In my spare time, I am often out running or at a yoga class. I balance these physical pursuits with time gardening, knitting and cooking.