I am currently open to vaccinated clients.

As the infection rate remains elevated locally and across the state of Maine, best practices dictate that we must still wear masks and adhere to other COVID-19 safety standards.

I am operating under COVID-19 prevention protocols.

Thank you for understanding that these protocols are not negotiable. If you are not personally able to meet these requirements, massage therapy is contraindicated for you until the end of the pandemic.

I will ask you to wait outside until your appointment time. Please understand that my rigorous cleaning protocols will not allow me time to take you early for your appointment.

When I greet you at the door, I will ask you a series of health questions and document your responses. I will need, in particular, to know

  • are you displaying any symptoms of COVID-19?
  • have you had a recent exposure?
  • is anyone in your household experiencing respiratory symptoms?

I will be recording your answers. You can always expect a high level of privacy in my office, but please understand that in the event of an exposure in my office, some of this information may need to be shared with Maine's CDC.


I will be wearing an N95 mask for the entirety of our interactions.

I require clients to wear a surgical mask (or better) for the entirety of their visit, even when you are face-down on the table. If you do not have a surgical mask, I will give you one. If lying face down or any other position or manuever is uncomfortable while you are in a face mask, we will need to postpone that kind of work until the end of the pandemic; fortunately, we are likely to find an alternative clinical technique or comfortable position to keep you feeling well in the meantime.

Although the CDC has relaxed its advice for healthcare settings, we still must work together to protect the most vulnerable among us. Thank you for understanding.

Hand Hygiene

In non-invasive clinical settings like massage therapy, gloves do not offer any more protection against COVID-19 than rigorous handwashing. I will, however, wear gloves for your massage if it is your personal preference.

You will have continued access to hand sanitzer for the duration of your visit and fresh personal linens in the bathroom. Scrub in and scrub out!

Cleaning and Disinfection

I have always kept my office to a high standard of clean. Many of my existing routines, intended to limit the spread of pathogens, are also highly effective against coronavirus.

  • My linens are washed on a specific sanitize cycle, in extra-hot water.
  • I scrub in and out of every massage, which we often joke about because my hands actually get a little cold from it.
  • Surfaces are cleaned with Simple Green, which is a non-toxic, biodegradeable cleaner and degreaser. COVID-19 is structurally vulnerable to most cleaners, and these cleaners must be used before any sanitization products can be effective.
  • I sanitize the high-contact surfaces with Benefect Botanical Decon 30 Disinfectant, which uses thymol as the active ingredient. It requires a longer contact time but it is profoundly better for the environment